08 März 2016

Japan Holiday 2015: Day 10 ( Disneyland )

Hello lovelies,

On day 10 we explored Disneyland Tokyo! It was great fun even though I am not that enthusiastic about Disney and the films! The entry fee of 6.900 Yen (about 50€) was okay since we could use the other attractions without paying!
Yaya and me had fun flying with Dumbo, going round and round in Alice´s tea cups, on the Castle Carousel, on the boat with the Pirates of the Caribbean and we hung on to get into the Haunted Mansion:
We had to wait for one and a half hour in the heat to see it but it was so worth it! It took longer than any 'typical' horror house and it was so big and full of details o.o
Afterwards we ate some snacks at the Queen of Hearts' Restaurant. I chose the peach dessert to get the cute mug as a souvenir, it really looked lovely and so did it taste too :)
We did not go everywhere since it was hot and humid and our feet were hurting but there we definitely enough impressions for us xD
On the next day we went for some shopping and visited the Kawaii Monster Café so I show you my purchases of that day and I make an extra post about the Café since it was too awesome to not dedicate an own post to it:D
I bought 2 dresses from Ank Rouge, the same type in lilac and navy blue. Also some make-up stuff from Etude House, a hand cream, an eyeliner and a powder, did catch my eye.
I do not know the name of the shop where I bought the bag from anymore D: But I use the bag really often since it is so versatile with its 2 handles. The cardigan is from my new love Glad News :)

Be prepared for a wonderful evening in the Kawaii Monster Café! It was so awesome we went there twice xD


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