12 März 2016

Listen Flavor Fukubukuro #2 2016

Hello lovelies,

shortly after I got my first Listen Flavor Fukubukuro I found the one I wanted initially on a different website. Since I really adore the bag and I was so happy with my first one I tried my luck here too!
This were the contents of the bag:

Front row:
This is the Wonder cats tee which every Fukubukuro #2 contained. The lilac shirt got bunnies, a melting strawberry and letters saying 'PARTY!' on it. I have never seen this print o.o
Second row:
The wrapped up one is the Sweet Logo Lace-up Sweatshirt in light pink. I already got it in purple and black so I did not open it.
Usually I like cats and Kiss but I am not sure about the longsleeve. It is smaller than the other shirts, I am not so keen on the pink but the cats are really cute^^
The dragon is quite okay, it is not my favourite but I like it and I am glad got it in black!
I love the print of the bag so badly -everything I like is on it <3
The print of the lilac shirt seems funny but neons are definitely not my colour! 
I like the Shooting Star Shirt a lot even though it is like a short dress on me!
If you are interested in buying the lilac shirt (14€) or the light blue one (16€) from my first Luckypack message me or leave me a comment!

Of course was my first Luckypack the better one but I think this one was also not that bad :)
What do you think? Which Fukubukuro was better?


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  1. Die Sachen sind echt schön °w°

    Ich verlose übrigens eine Kawaii-Box, würde mich freuen wenn du vorbei schaust :3