29 Januar 2014

Hellocon preparation - Outfit #2

Hello lovelies,

and here is my next oufit for my weekend in Helsinki, Finland! It is for the teaparty on sunday with the head designer of Atelier Pierrot, Yuko Ashizawa, and the Lolita Model Midori Fukasawa! Atelier Pierrot is pretty famous for their gothic and elegant looks and the theme of the teparty is 'princes and princesses'. I tried to combine the two keywords in my look:
~ Lace blouse

~ Venus Jumperskirt - Innocent World

~ Lace thights

~ Mary Janes

~ velvet pouch

~ loads of hair accessoires like roses and bows
~ Cros Motif Choker from Innocent World

Some details:
I guess you know what was the topic of my outfit :D
Roses and lace 
I chose a velvet pouch to my outfit. I do not want to take the bat bag because I like to have a more classy mature touch ^-^
These are the shoes I want to use. I think they look pretty elegant. They are not that comfortable but I guess there will be enough time to sit around xD
I like dark monochrome outfits with flashy hair colours :)
Somehow I noticed the the theme a little bit later so I made a crown for my outftit after I took the pics:
I just redyed the crown with black and golden sprays and glued it to an Alice band - a pretty simple DIY^^
This is how I would arrange the flowers on my head. I am sot satisfied with it when I am wearing the crown too . . Do you have some hints for me how I should wear them?
This is the jewellery I might be using for it. I am not sure if the mouse and the bear ring are too cute for this coord o.o
What do you think of that outfit?
How would you place the crown, the roses and the bows?
I would be glad if you helped me ^-^

P.S.: Please forgive the bad pics. The winter is a really bad time when it comes to taking pictures . . :(


  1. Very elegant outfit! I love how opulent you arranged your hair accessories (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

  2. Your little crown is very cute and matches the jewelry ! :) Black = elegance ! :)