24 Januar 2014

Tutorial: Knitted Bow

Hello my lovelies,
today I show you my latest tutorial!
I did a knitted bow for Yaya´s and my calendar swap! For further informations and pics I link you here mine and Yaya´s posts about it :)
I think it is another cute bow but somehow more special because not everybody has it^-^
Now onto the materials you need:
~ knitting skills & knitting needles
~ wool in the colour you want the bow to be
~ scissors
~ a hair clip

~ a needle and some thread
~ a fixing pin ( not that necessary)

First of all you´ll have to begin 15-20 stitches and knit on until you have 11 cm. This little patch has not to be perfect! I mean look at my wonky thingy xD
Well, then find the middle of your bow trough folding and mark it with your fixing pin. Just stitch into it with your needle and wrap the spot..lame explanation, I hope you know what I mean?
After that include the hair clip and wrap around  the upper part of the clip again so you attach it to your bow for a better adhesion. But do not forget to lift the under part away! If you sew on both parts of the hair clip you will not be able to use it ;D
 As last step you cut off a piece of you wool and wrap it around the thread to hide it! Make a knot and remove the needless threads and wool rests.
Et voilà, your bow is ready to be your loveliest accessoire :)
If you do not have such a hair clip you can also decorate an hair tie with it or make a brooch out of it!
For some decoration on the bow you can sew on some cute buttons to match your outfit!
There are several possibilities to individualise your knitted bow to make it unique :)
If you did a knitted bow just send me a picture!
I am so curious about your results !!