10 Januar 2014

Laloam: January // Medoly´s Birthday Meet

Hello lovelies,
last sunday there was Medoly´s belated J-Fashion Birthday Meet! We went to Akakiko which is a really good asian restaurant and changed later into a little café.
We did the whole day nothing except eating, drinking, chatting, taking pics and having fun - what a day :D 
So here is this year´s first Laloam (Lolita At Least Once A Month) for january :)
Well, here are some outfit shots for you:
 Beret - ?? / Bow - Claire´s / Necklace - Gift from my bf♥ / cutsew - H&M / Cardigan - ?? / Putumayo Cat Window Skirt - 2nd hand / Bag - 2nd hand / Wrist Cuffs - Starpirates / tights - adventcalendar swap / boots - Deichmann

I was not feeling well this day due to a slight cold . . I think this shows somehow in my pictures . .T_T I also wore Casual Lolita because of that reason.
Therefor you get more detail pics of my outfit if you do not mind ;D 
I love this brooch so much! It is so versatile and nearly matching to every outfit^^ I am so glad I found it in a Six sale :3
And here is a close up of the wonderfull print of the skirt♥ It was one of my first dream items but sadly I am not sure if it is the real version or just a replica of the print :(
Yaya also took her new instant camera with her so we made some funny pics^-^
I also had some time to talk to her about our mutual Finland trip! We are so excited and still planning our outfits for the Hellocon and the teaparty there :D
Well, I had a great day with great people



  1. das ist ein wunderhübsches Outfit, und ich bin total verliebt in diese Kette \(^ω^\)

    1. Dankeschön, mir ging´s so mies an dem Tag, da bin ich froh, dass es wem gefällt xD
      Ja, mein Freund bekommt langsam ein Händchen dafür :)

  2. Wooow, so ein hübsches Outfit! Steht dir wirklich gut!

  3. Lovely outfit! ^^ This print is awesome~

  4. Diese Schuhe!!!!!! Die sind der Wahnsinn! *-*