17 Januar 2014

Giveaway time for me :D

Hi lovelies,

today I show you what I recently got :D
Yes, I won two giveways: one from Frillycakes, a cute finish Lolita and one from Stoff im Gehirn, a german crafty Lolita.
I really like both blogs very much so I am really lucky to win both nearly to the same time :o

So I start with Frillycakes´ giveaway:

I got this cute Sumikkogurashi pouch and a sweet letter from Saija! Sadly the pressbutton was broken but my mum was able to fix it so I can use it now :)
So these are the characters of Summikkogurashi. It is japanese and means 'corner living'. Apparently japanese people love corners and so do the characters XD (more information here)
The bear is called shirokuma which literally means white bear and the thingy at his side is called Tonkatsu. Well, you cannot tell what this is? I help you, it it pork cutlet..

This is the tag which explains what Tonkatsu is . .xD I really adore this cute characters, especially shirokuma
It is better to move to the next giveaway before I write a litany about the cuteness of Sumikkogurashi xD
These are the things I got from Stoff im Gehirn! The Mook Bag is actually my first item from Angelic Pretty now^^ 
I love how detailed the print is! It is the Sugary Carnival Print from the year 2009. Nowadays it is pretty hard to get because it is so popular and beloved from lolitas^^
Although it is a little bit too sweet for me but I guess I can use it for some Pastel Goth outfits :)
I also got 4 awesome selfmade buttons from her! I like all of them but the cookie button the most :D It matches my cookie bag from Swimmer
And she added a little gift directly from Tokyo:) It is Dust-Bunnies (Makurokurosuke)  key pendant from the Ghibli Museum. It is a character from the anime 'Totoro' from Hayao Miyazaki. He is very famous for his anime films!

I am really thankful I had the chance to win both and I am happy with my winnings!
Thank you, you two wonderful blogging girls



  1. die tasche hatte ich auch mal, habs dann aber verkauft weil ich tote bags nie benutze und schon so viele hab ^^

    1. Ja, ich muss mal schauen ob ich sie brauchen kann^^
      Ich find Tote Bags ganz praktisch für den Alltag :)

  2. I envy you xD
    and yay, Rindfleisch-chan ~♡

    1. IDu hattest dein Glück bei der Teaparty XP
      Ja, Tonkatsu :D

    2. haha, mein Tea Party Gewinn ist zumindest ein toller running-gag ;D

  3. So süße und hübsche Sachen <3

  4. Nochmal viel Spaß mit den Sachen! ♥

  5. Yayy! I'm so happy your mom was able to fix it! ^__^
    ..and grats for winning two giveaways, the bag and the button thingies look great! :D

    ~ Frillycakes ~

    1. Yes, I was pretty glad about that :D
      Thank you, I can´t decide which one is more awesome <3