03 Januar 2014

Selfmade Advent calendar swapping :D

Hello lovelies,

maybe you remember my creative idea to avoid a boring chocolate advent calendar^^
I asked Yaya if she wants to make a calendar for me. She agreed with me and so we made an advent calendar for each other:)
We considered a certain theme of the calendar so it was easier to concentrate on one topic we like^-^

I chose Classic and Gold for me, Yaya chose Mori Kei!
In my first post about it you already saw the first advent present: *click*
This cute bow ring was the second bigger present! I already have the same bow as a brooch in silver and I love the design :)
The third advent present were simple brown thights. Because everyone needs thicker thights in winter :)
And this beautiful brooch was in the present of the fourth advent. It is a dried rose with a lace bow!
It is so awesome but I do not dare to wear it outside because I am afraid of scrunching the rose D:
I think it is also appropriate for Mori Kei which I also like to wear

And as christmas present I got some beige plait pattern tights which I really like! I do not have such tights so I adore them :D And this cuuuuute necklace with the squirrel is the best of all I got 
I love the details of the knob. The acorn and the oak leaf make it even better :D
I am really happy about our adevent calendar swapping and I hope we repeat it next year :)

If you want to know more check out Yaya´s post about our swap:*click*

What do you think about this idea?
Tell me in the comments!