07 Januar 2014

My second Valentine ♥♥

Hello lovelies,

yay I got a Lolita Valentine last saturday 
I already returned the favour to the writer :> Anyways thank you again :*
This is the second Valentine I got in my entire Lolita being :D
This was the first one I got at the beginning of the year: *click*

Just a brief explanation for those who do not know what this is:
Lolita-Valentines is a internet page where you can post pictures with compliments, cute words or just anything positive you always wanted to say to the person on the pic. The faces of the people on the photos are shown.

And there is also the opposite side:
Lolita - Secrets or 'Behind the bows' is also an internet page. There you can rant about people, brands and other stuff that bothers you.

All in all I really like the idea of the Lolita-Valentines! I think it is a cute way to make compliments and it helps people who are too shy too say it directly^-^
I do not like or support the Lolita-Secrets. It is just rude to talk about other people behind their back. Even though I like the posts about brands and clothing that is weird^^
For example:
Yep, the socks have bunny ears. In my opinion it would look ridiculous to wear them. Therefor I would not wear or buy them xD
But there is of course lolita who definitely would wear them. I think important is always the decision if you want to wear it. It is not important what other people think about it.

So I hope I gave you a good introduction into this topic of a lolita life :)
If there are some questions left ask them here!
What is your opinion about that?



  1. Das Valentine ist supersüß ❤ Das nenn ich mal einen guten Start in ein neues Lolita-Jahr ^^

    Was die Hasenohren an den Socken sollen... ich weiß nicht... ich bin ohnehin kein Sweet-Typ, aber da sind mir Hasenöhrchen am Kopf glaub ich 100 Mal lieber als an den Knien xD Wobei, es gibt sicher Leute, die auch solche Socken genial stylen und super damit aussehen (∩_∩)

    1. Oh ja :)

      Ja, ich bin auch nicht so der Fan von Sweet-Lolita an mir. Ja, das meinte ich damit^^ Mir selber sagt es nicht so zu, aber es gibt sicher jemanden, den das gefällt und dieser jemand soll es auch tragen :)