20 Januar 2014

Black lace and red lips ~

Hello my lovelies,

the time from november to march is the annual ball season! This year I only had the chance to go to the prom at my old school where some friends have their finals this year. I am not able to attend the others I wanted because it its exactly the weekend where I am flying to Finland! *excited*
Therefore it is not that bad :D
Sadly I got no whole outfit shot because the light there was so bad that all pic turned out blurry -_- So I show you my make up from that evening:
Can you guess which wonderful woman was my inspiration for the look?
Yep, I was pretty in lace that night  ^-^
I hardly wear earrings so I sorted my collection out. But this pair stayed with me, I love how elegant they are^^
I also do not accent my lips a lot. I always tend to bring out my eyes xD But this evening I tried to do both^^ 
It is hard to tell I used grey eyeshadow under the eyebrows and white on the eyelid. And of course loads of black eyeliner cannot be forgotten :D
So do you like my look?
Do you have an idea which beauty or which style was my inspiration?
Concrit, compliments and guesses are welcome :)



  1. sehr hübsch :) die Kette ist toll :)

  2. Hübschii <3
    Mich erinnerts an Dita von Teese ^-^

  3. Toller Look. ^^ Ich hätte nun auch auf Dita von Teese getippt

    1. Danke, ja das war meine Inspiration :)
      Schön, dass es so ersichtlich ist^.^

  4. ich finde die haare sooo toll. Und auch das make-up steht dir sehr gut, musst öfter machen ;-)

    1. Danke^-^
      Für die Uni zahlt sich das ja gar nicht aus xD
      Vielleicht beim Fortgehen, wenn ma mal gemeinsam unterwegs sind?;)

  5. wunderhübsch ! <3 steht dir echt sehr sehr gut :)
    und auch einen echt tollen Blog, folge dir <3

    Liebe Grüße, Yuyu
    Yuyu´s Moments