27 Januar 2014

Hellocon Preparation - Outfit #1

Hello lovelies,
there are only 4 days left until I go to Helsinki :D
I am visiting the Helsinki Lolita Convention - in short Hellocon - the Hellocon-Afterparty and the teaparty on the next day there! And therefor I planned some outfits of course!

First of all I start with the Convention outfit:
~ grey ruffly Bolero
Gargoyles of Notre-Dame Jumperskirt - Innocent World
~ grey thights
~ Lockshop wig: *click here for the pure colour here*

~ Westminster Ribbon Clip - Innocent World

I am not sure about the shoes and the bag . . what do you think?

The clockbag would match my necklace because there are also clocks and other elements like hourglasses. 
I use the heeled ones in my teaparty outfit. But the wedge heels would be a lot more comfortable than the heels. On a convention there is a lot to see and to go to different rooms and hurting feet would disturb a lot!
Here you can see the original colour of the Mermaid Wig from Lockshop in Cherry Pink :) And here is also my hairaccesoire shown. It is the Westminster Ribbon Clip from Innocent World.
And this is the necklace I want to wear with it. I bought it in Barcelona and I am so glad I got i

So what do you think?
Which shoes and which bag matches the outfit better?
Let me know your opinion :)



  1. Oh mein Gott ist das ein tolles Outfit!!!! *-*
    Ich würde die Tasche mit der Uhr und die Schuhe mit der Schnalle wählen. Ich hoffe wir kriegen ein Foto vom Outfit ;)

  2. I think the clock bag would look better in the outfit and definitely go for the more comfy shoes! It's awful if all your energy is concentrated on hurting feet rather than the convention :/

  3. Clock bag and comfortable shoes :)

  4. Ich bin für Uhrentasche und comfy Schuhe. ^v^
    Yay Gargoyles! XD

  5. @MrsTinchen, Frankie Savage, Yaya, Bright Eyes und royalpinkgoth:

    Danke für euere Meinungen!
    Ich war auch eher für die Uhrentasche und die flachen Schuhe^^
    Wollte nur mal meine Buchtasche mal ausführen xD

    Thank you for your opinios!
    I also thought that the flat shoes and the clock bag would match better!
    I just wanted to use my bookbag xD

  6. I have no advice for you, I'm so lost with all of my outfits right now, haven't even started to dig up my wardrobe! x)
    Hope you'll have a nice trip and definetly if we spot eachother, need to say hi. ^__^

    ~ Frillycakes ~

    1. I am looking forward to seeing you and your outfits and thank you in real life *O*
      Yes, I hope so too :)

  7. Super Outfit! Bei den Taschen könnte ich mich nicht entscheiden ^^ Bookbag ist immer gut (*^_^*) Ich freu mich schon auf tolle Bilder ♡

  8. Oooh das Outfit sieht so toll aus :)
    Ich bin schon sehr auf Fotos gespannt, du wirst bestimmt wunderschön aussehen :)
    Ich bin auf jeden Fall für die Uhrtasche, sie passt soo perfekt!