09 Februar 2014

Helsinki Holidays: Fashion Shows

Hej there,
first of all: my little holiday trip was awesome! I had a great time with my girls from austria and switzerland there! 

We tried to use the time as much as we could to do some sightseeing in the city.
I am sorry form my late post now . . I wanted to write earlier but my boyfriend was back in town and we had to use the time for being together :)
And because I am still waiting for some pics to get posted I show you my impressions of the Hellocon Fashion shows there:
The first fashion show was called 'Brand versus Off-brand'. There were always 2 girls who showed an outfit to a theme, for example 'pirate', 'princess', 'witch'. But the one was dressed in brand clothes and the other one in off-brand and inde brand:
Bunny in brand (Angelic Pretty)
Witch in Brand (Alice and the Pirates)
Wintery Lolita in Brand (Angelic Pretty)
Sadly I was not able to take pictures from all girls and there is also no video available:(
The next show was the 'Designer Fashion Show' where all brands which were attending Hellocon showed their latest designs and dresses.
You may know the last model, right? Midori Fukasawa modelled also :)
And yay there is also a video of it: *click*

Last but not least was the 'Fairy Forest Fashion Show'! I really loved the fashion show with its little fairy tale in it: 
The unicorn got the apple !
The owl is examining the fruit.
 The swan takes the apple with her until . .
. . she realises the black magic in it!
I hope I made you curious about this tale. If you want to know more here is the video:  *click*
I really enjoyed every show of the Hellocon but I liked the last one most! There should be more fashion shows with stories in it I guess :D
I hope you had fun reading it and now you are craving for getting to see the next post about the Hellocon ;D 



  1. wow, die haben sich wirklich sehr viel mühe gegeben!!! schade, dass sowas bei uns nicht so gut geplant und/oder umgesetzt wird.

    1. Ja, das sehe ich auch so!
      ich hoffe, dass wir in Österreich so etwas auch mal schaffen :)