18 Februar 2014

Helsinki Holidays: Hellocon

Hello lovelies,

I tried to postpone this post as long as possible because there are still some photos missing but I didn´t want to ruin the right order . . So this is my post about the Helsinki Lolita Convention, or short Hellocon!
First of all we started the day with a 'typical' Lolita breakfast ;D No, just joking but these awesome macaroons were also included in our breakfast :)Then we were ready to head to the Con!

Midori´s Q&A was pretty cool! I also met her before at the fleamarket but I was not sure if she is it really xD She is such a pretty lady ♥
We quickly made it to the Atelier Pierrot booth to get our novelty items. At first we weren´t sure about their real use. Our first guesses were a rubber or a small towel or similar until I unpacked one. Well it was a chewing gum . .brand gum is pretty new, isn´t it?XD
I have to admit I was somehow dissapointed . .^^
Small group pic :) The other one of us all should come soon! I love our different styles we represent in the pic!
My little Con haul:
~ Bow Necklace: fleamarket there
~ 'Sweet Tea' Brooch: World Treason
~ Bat Necklace & Bear Necklace: Moon Bunny
~ Cookie Pin: Midori Fukasawa
Sessy and me bought the same Innocent World bag but in different colours :D First I was not sure if I should take it but I found it way too cute with its scallops and the perfect bows to let it there <3 
So, here have my knackered face of the day with some make up of the day!
I did my make up in a short time and I am pretty satisfied with it although it is not that perfect. But I guess practice makes perfect, right?
Well this was my little summary in pics and words of the Hellocon! I am really appreciative to my past october me who was that spontaneous and said yes when it got asked xD

The next and last Finland post will be about the teaparty with Midori and Yuko :)
I hope you all enjoy reading my little adventure in Finland!



  1. You bought some beautiful things! So nice to hearing about your visit to Helsinki :)

  2. die Schleife sieht ja richtig süß aus (:

    LG Anna

  3. Das erste Bild lässt deine Haare aber strahlen :o
    Bin schon gespannt auf die nächsten Posts. Finde Urlaubseinträge immer super interessant :)

    1. Meine 'Haare' :D
      Danke, freut mich, dass es so gut ankommt :)

  4. Wirklich ein toller Eintrag. ^^

  5. Ihr schaut alle sehr hübsch aus :) Ich musst echt schmunzeln bei dem Brand-Kaugummi o.O XD
    Und die IW Tasche ist echt hübsch *_*

    1. Dankeschön :)
      Ich auch, als ich den in die Hand gedrückt bekam :D
      Oh ja, schon eine treue Begleiterin geworden :)