13 Februar 2014

Helsinki Holidays: Doing some sightseeing

Hello lovelies,

today I show you some pictures of my sightseeing trips in the capital city of Finland, Helsinki.
I put some information under pics which seem important to me :)
I think it is funny there is still some christmasy atmosphere in the streets! Maybe it has not the same appearance for the Finns as it is for us?
Some arty stuff in Helsinki:
The rubber duck wall was simply awesome!*Q*
It was in the bar where we had the Hellocon Afterparty!
The first pic is from the railway station from Helsinki. I think the men statues in front of it look really impressing o.o
Yaya made a cute snapshot of me ^.^''
And we also visited the Hard Rock Cafe there :)
The first 2 pics show the rock church from the outside and the other one how it looks like inside. This is a really imposing building! Also the photo underneath it shows an awesome modern building but sadly I do not know what it is :/
Take this super kawaii touristy pic from Sessy and me
And this is my little finnish souvenir for me :) I love the cute little fox♥ The best of it is that is designed and handcrafted in Finland!
I hope you had some insight in my journey beside the lolita events :) But soon these post will follow too ;D