26 Februar 2014

Helsinki Holidays: Fancy Shops~♪

Hello lovelies,
this is the final post from my Helsinki Holidays! So stay curious about the 2 awesome shops I am introducing to you~
First of all there was this awesome shoe shop called Minna Parrika ! I saw the shoes with the cute heart tassels on several lolitas before and I wondered where they got them from !
The shop also sells some awesome bags and gloves ! I like the red scallopy big bag above and I think it would fit a lolita outfit :)
This shoe looked like as it was dipped in oil - I really love that effect *O*

I also like this clutch although I am not fond of small bags! It reminds me of some Angelic Pretty bag designs: *click* *click*

On our last day in Helsinki we visited The Ounce, a full vintage aranged tea shop where you also can consume tea directly.
This is Kati who works there and is living the Lolita dream :D She can wear her favourite style everyday to work :o
Convenient for this situation I chose a black tea called Lolita♥ Some of my fellow Lolitas chose Alice in Wonderland :D
The atmosphere there was really wonderful! I would love to have such a tea shop in my home town :)
The shop also had a guest book where we signed with this lovely illustration from Katrin:
We had to leave the shop because the place where we sat was reserved. So before we left everyone of us bought some tea there. And now guess for whom the place was reserved . . .Midori and Yuko came to have some tea there too :D
Isn´t it a wonerful stalker photo ?:D
They were looking at our guest book entry  ^o^
After our visit there we headed back to the hotel and then to the airport to leave Finland. Arriving in Munich we had to take the train to Linz and had the next adventure . . the breaks of a waggon were on fire so we had a delay of 2 hours o.O
Well somehow we arrived at home and were lucky to fall into our beds!

I am looking forward to my next Lolita journey 



  1. So coole Schuhe *_* Echt schade, dass es sowas wohl nie bei uns in Dland geben wird... wir sind ja so grau und langweilig -.-
    Meh, ich will auch mal 'nen Shop besichtigen/finden wo man J-fashion trägt.. ich würd mich direkt bewerben... dann bräucht ich keine doofe Uniform mehr tragen XD (und nein es ist keine hübsche). Echt schicke EInblicke hast du im Blog gepostet... I like :3 <3

    1. Da bleibt uns nur das Importieren über ;)
      Dankeschön ^-^

  2. I would never have found out about The Ounce tea shop without reading about it here, thank you, I will definitely add it to my list for when I visit Helsinki.

  3. Die Schuuuuuheeee <3 Was für ein cooler Laden und was für tolle Bilder! Will da sofort hin!!!

    Liebste Grüße aus Nürnberg