02 März 2014

Instagram: January & February

Hello lovelies,

I am finally back with another Instagram retrospect! This time it is from january and february :)
The picture above shows you a present I got from my father lately. It is a Hello Kitty totally made out of paper! It is a kind of 3D origami and it looks sooo awesome o.o
In january I loved to dress myself in Mori Kei inspired stuff! The brooch is so cute and the necklace pendant is just adorable. There are real dandelion seeds inside <3 I showed the stuff to you in this post: *click*
Back to paper! I guess some of you know that I am going to be an art teacher^^ We learned at university how to make this geodetic dome out of newsprint and some split pins :D
And back to foxes :D I found in the sales a really cute fox scarf! Since I want to have more colours in my closet I think blue does match red hair and I like the colour^^ And here you can see my fox brooch I bought in Finland: *click*
I had a semester break and I went shopping with my parents :D I found some pretty awesome leggings there and much more! Are you interested in seeing some outfits with them?
This year I did not do something special on valentines day. My boyfriend and me preponed this day because we could not see each other on the 14th. At least I posted this cute pic ;D
The McCafé got a new variation of my beloved white hot chocolate: Marshmallow Hot Chocolate
It is sickly sweet but I adore this pastely touch on the white chocolate <3

Maybe I am not able to post that much in march because I am pretty occupied with my internship and my bachelor thesis . . so be forgiving to me!
I hope you enjoyed reading my little review!


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