31 März 2014

Fleamarket - a place of awesome stuff~♥

Hello lovelies,

recently I found another possibility where I can spend my money . .I am not sure if this is good but it is a lot cheaper than my other hobbies ^ ^  I was at a fleamarket in Linz which was organised from the rectorate there. It was held like a boutique fleamarket and everything was pretty well organised.
I show you what I bought there:
~ two cute brooches
~ lavender cardigan
~ flowery summerdress
~ antique mirror
~ antique frame
First of all I went to the jewellery booths there. I like brooches in general but vintage brooches are even better. There I found a golden bow brooch and a small gummy bear brooch *Q*
You may know that I am a sucker for baroque and rococo styled mirrors and frames - I showed you my first one I got for christmas here !
This one is really an ancient example but sadly I do not know from when. It is made out of wood and painted with a light gold.
I think the grip of the mirror looks somehow egyptian . . ? Can you see the  eyelike shape at the left end?
The frame is similar to my bigger pier glass I got for christmas :) It is a well made antique looking frame and I adore its pomposity :D
Some detail shots:
I really adore the cute fabric of the dress and the flowery lace application! And I am glad I finally found a lilac cardigan :)

All in all I spent there under 20 €uros for this whole stuff! Pretty stuff for a pretty cheap price :D

Do you like fleamarkets and secondhand shops?
What was your recent secondhand purchase?
Do you have some hints for a good fleamarket haul?



  1. Warum find ich nie so tolle Sachen am Flohmarkt?? xD Der Spiegel ist echt toll <3

    1. Weiß nicht, vielleicht musst mich als Glücksbringer mitnehmen? :D

    2. Klingt einleuchtend :D