08 März 2014

Holo 'n' Glitter ~

Hello lovelies,

I´ll show you one of my recent nail styles which I did with the two above! I got them as a belated christmas present from a friend of mine :)
I used the glittery nailpolish to do some accents on certaint nails. Sadly you cannot see the awesome holographic look on my nails and how it changes the colour . .
But here is the link to the 'stockpic' of it: *click*
I am a sucker for holographic stuff *O*
So I used:
~ Look by Bipa Special Effect 'Nr. 3 metallic hollogram'
~ Beauty Women 'Money Bags'

I finally found out from where the brand Beauty Women is. I never heard or saw it somewhere so I googled it and found out that it is a nailpolish brand from a dime store called 'Tedi'. Well, I know the shop but I did not know that they also have nailpolish xD
Nevertheless there was not any qualitative difference between the Bipa nailpolish and the one from Tedi o.o
The removing of the nailpolish was just as hard as as any nailpolish with glitter in it ^^ So nothing different again than to well-known nailpolish brands :)

What do you think of them?
Do you also like the holographic look as much as I do?
Do you like to wear glitter on your nails?


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