26 März 2014

Tutorial: Decorate your beret !

Hello lovelies,

finally it is tutorial time again :) I already missed crafting stuff for you (and me, of course) !
Since my last Trendlove was about berets I was itching to do something with my berets !
There you can see different ways to wear a beret and how they styled it up.

Today I show you how to do a toadstool beret:
For this you need:
~ a beret
~ scissors
~ needle and thread
~ felt in desired colour
~ fixing pins (not that essencial)
Then you have to cut out your white felt dots. I made 16 of them in various sizes so it looks more like a real toadstool :)

Afterwards I tried out different combination of them. What do you think? 
I think the right one looks more natural because it is not that consistent.
When you have decided how you like the dots best you can pin them in place and start to sew them onto the beret.
Then I start to sew them on like this so that there are a couple of free millimetres left. I do not know why I made it like that - I think it looks somehow cuter xD
Well, if you sewed on all of the dots you are done:
And that happened accidentally :3

Here are some more inspirations for your beret:

You can add some pearls, bows, an embroidery! Sew on some lace, patches or studds - there are so many possibilities :)

I show you pictures of me wearing it at the end of april because there is a Lolita event where I am wearing it to - so stay tuned for cute pictures :D

I hope you liked the simple but yet awesome tutorial! Show me some pics of your new modified berets and caps 



  1. Omg~ this is sooo cute!! ♥ ♥
    You did a good job, I also like the right sided picture with the dots, more natural. Nature doesn't read books and know what they should look like, they are what they are in all their beauty. ♥ Can u tell I'm a nature person..haha xD
    Btw..when I still had dreadlocks back in the days, I wanted this huuge hat for my locks and planned something quite like this, a fly agaric-hat, would have looked like a mushroom from super mario. :D

    Berets are really cute, can't wait to see your wear it, I'm sure everyone will be jealous of your hat! ^__^

    ~ Frillycakes ~

    1. Thank you, Saija :3
      I am glad you agree my combination of the dots :D
      Oh yeah, this would have looked awesome !!

      I am also looking forward to wearing it - making the girls jealous :D

  2. Das ist voll süß! :3
    Kennst du Nadelfilzen? Ich glaub mit der Technik ließe sich sowas auch gut machen :)

    1. Taobao macht das mit Nadelfilzen, aber ich nähe es lieber an :D

  3. Auf die Idee ein Barrett umzugestalten bin ich noch gar nicht gekommen... bisher waren mir die Teile einfach zu langweilig und darum habe ich mir bis jetzt auch noch keines zugelegt. Ich glaub das muss ich mal ändern, sobald ich ne nette Verschönerungsidee habe ^^