05 März 2014

Winter GLT in Vienna '14

Hello my lovelies,

here is my short post about the recent 'Winter' Lolita Meet up in Vienna!
Well, why 'Winter'? Because the weather was not somehow wintery and there was snow overall xD
But who needs cold weather for a Winter Meet Up? Not the Austrian girls :D I guess all were pretty glad about the bit of sun we had that day :)
As you can see above we were a pretty big group! Some girls came to the restaurant where we ate after the visit in the Prunksaal.
The library hall was just awesome!
I really love the fashion style of the kids!
She even got a cute little bonnet and an really awesome coat <3
There was also a small sailor blouse set! This one is just too cute *O* 
The pic above shows an old pattern book for festive children´s and woman´s fashion. I adore these awesome drawings of the ladies so much!
Now onto my outfit:
I was not that satisfied with it because the beret just did what it wanted and I could not find my other one which I wanted to wear that day -__-
Nevertheless me and my girls from Linz managed to get a shoot together :)
And here you can see my awesome brooch which I bought in Finland at the HelloCon and the brooch I got from Stoff im Gehirn´s Giveaway <3

All in all a beautiful day with an awesome community :)



  1. Sieht nach einem schönen Tag aus. Und eigentlich ist doch faaast jeder froh, dass der Winter dieses Jahr nicht so kalt war. :P Ich war es zumindest.
    Wäre sicherlich auch mal interessant zu sehen, wie die Muster für die Frauen und Kinderkleidung aussahen. Konntest du in das Heft reinschauen?
    Und der Prunksaal sieht einfach hammer aus! *_*

    1. Ja, war wirklich ein schöner Tag :)
      Nein leider, das war in diesem Schaukasten :/