04 April 2014

Gotham Girl // 4 years now♥

Hello lovelies,

on the 1st of april my bf and me had our anniversary! 4 years together now 
I am really happy we met again and fell in love :D I knew him when we were in the kindergarten together. After that he moved into another town. 12 years later we met accidentally again and yeah - it happened 
I am pretty proud of our relationship because we mastered every challenge we had until now! 
And because Batman is one of my bf´s most liked superhero I dressed in my new Batman leggings for him :)
I guess it is pretty casual for me~
But I like it and it was really comfortable :)
Bats and studs \OoO/ The blouse and the leggings are from H&M if you wonder about it :)
I got a lot of compliments for the outfit and the matching bat necklace to the leggings - thank you!
So I hope you enjoyed my outfit too as my bf did:)
Do you like outfits featuring superheroes and villains? Do you think it is childish? :D
Concrit and praise is of course welcome!



  1. Featuring Superheroes and Villians?
    Ich lasse mich meistens inspirieren. Wenn ich einen guten Film gesehen habe oder einfach nur mal wieder auf dem Hype bin, dann zeige ich das auch.
    Auch wenn ich nicht genau irgendwas habe, wo das Logo drauf war, so bin ich einmal in Grün/Gold (Loki inspiriert) zur Schule gegangen.
    Ich habe aber vor mir mehr Superhero/Villian featured Sachen zu holen. :D

    Btw..Glückwunsch! :D

  2. Ja, Inspiration von Filmen und Helden zu holen, ist auch eine gute Möglichkeit :)
    Oh, das Loki-Outfit hätte ich gerne gesehen :D

    Dankeschön :)