19 April 2014

Origami: Easter bunny box ✿

Hi lovelies,

yes it is that time of the year . . or as some say the opposite of christmas xD
I like Easter! It is in the spring time, the whole world lives again after the frosty winter. Birds, bees and all the cute forest animals are around :)
And who brings us colourful painted eggs?
Do you see its ears above? :D
As you may have seen I show you how to do a cute bunny box with the following video beneath:
I think this is a cute, easy and keen possibility to gift your sweethearts something which is even handmade :) And who does not like slefmade things?
So today I wish you already a wonderful Easter weekend with a lot of egg hunting and egg tapping :)
I hope you liked the last minute possibility nest ;)


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