07 April 2014

✿ Spring Meet Up in Linz ✿

Hello lovelies,

yesterday we had a spring meet up in the botanical garden in Linz. On this day was also the Linz Marathon, so we were glad we had our meet outside of the city centre!
The weather was not that good but at least it did not rain ^-^
The walk trough the garden was really beautiful! I took some pics of diverse flowers - the post about it will follow after this one :)
Sneak peek matching to my outfit shoots:
I wanted my outfit to be flowery because of our visit in the botanical garden :) And I used my new cardigan from the fleamarket I showed you here: *click*
Somehow I like that coincidental pic of me even though I do not like my smile in all of my pics xD
Detail shot time~
The flower crown is selfmade from me :) In this shot you can see my curled hair - later they were gooone D:
I bought this lovely tights at the last Modepalast in Linz: *click*
This weekend was this year´s Modepalast, I´ll post about it after the flower post ;D
Finally I had the opportunity to use the button I won from Stoff im Gehirn: *click*
After our walk we went to the Wiener Wald:
Baked mushrooms with Sauce Tartare ~
And for dessert I got a 'Mohr im Hemd' with vanilla ice cream. It is like a little chocolate cake with hot chocolate sauce

It was an awesome day with pretty ladies and good food! I like those little meets
We are all looking forward to going to a near Gothic Lolita Austria Event in Vienna in the end of april :) 
I hope you liked my post ;)



  1. Oooh..it's so spring in there!! ♥ ♥ ^__^
    You look very sweet, love your outfit!
    Usually pictures where people are relaxed and are coincidental, work better, well not always, but then you are you, without thinking too much. ♥

    ~ Frillycakes ~

    1. Oh yes it is :)
      Thank you, Saija ♥♥
      Or they pics turn out blurry or derpy :D

  2. süßes outfit! und schade dass deine locken schon so frühzeitig aufgaben...das kenn ich nur zu gut!

    1. Dankeschön!
      Ich schätze mal, dass es vor allem der Wind war, der ihnen den Garaus gemacht hat:/

  3. Definitiv was anderes. :) wo habt ihr die kleider her?