23 April 2014

★ Review: Modes4u ★

Hello lovelies,

it is finally time for a review again :)
I ordered from the website www.modes4u.com
The shop sells a lot of kawaii stuff like post-its, stickers, letter paper, stationery, bento boxes and fabrics. So I took the chance and bought some stuff for me :3

The ordering is simple and easy. You get affirmation mail that you placed your order. After you paid with your preferred payment method you get another mail - the bill - and further information to the scheduled delivery date.

Here, have some pics ;)
I ordered:
~ Rilakkuma Buttons: *click*
~ Korilakkuma Buttons: *click*
~ Sentimental Circus Buttons: *click*
~ Bunny post its: *click*
~ Rilakkuma post its: *click*
Buttons love 
I love the elegance and cuteness of the post its :)
The Buttons are looking great, the are all flawless!
I also got a free deco tape which is London themed! Is it just a coincidence that I maybe going to travel this year there?:o Anyway I am glad I got this one with its charming Union Jack heart and little double-decker bus :)
I could not find any defects and everything was as described.
Awesome kawaii stuff!

Prize &Shipping:
Altogether I paid 17 €uros with shipping. Shipping cost me about 3 €uros, I think it is okay for package from Hong Kong where the company is located. But if you buy bigger stuff the shipping cost are quite rising. But they have an offer: If you buy stuff worth over 60 €uros you get free shipping! Perfect for group orders ;)
My purchase was well packed in bubble wrap and it arrived in 10 days! Pretty quick I think!

I would buy again! Even though I think some stuff is pretty overpriced but there are also enough reduced things^^
My gets were flawless and are awesome kawaii, what do I want more? :D