22 Februar 2014

Helsinki Holidays: Teaparty hard!

Hello lovelies,

here are my impressions in words and pics from the teaparty with Atelier Pierrot´s head designer Yuko Ashizawa and famous Lolita model Midori Fukasawa!
This were our little and cute snacks! I guess there was something for everyone's taste included :) And of course the typical macaroon with lovely raspberry taste must not lack :D
This was our table with austrian, swiss, german and finnish Lolitas :)
There was also a ruffle held where I won this beautiful necklace from Kuusade, a finnish brand:
I really adore the delicate roses! I am astonished that they are handmade!

The rose bobby pin left in the picture is a little present from Cloudberry Lady. And above the necklace there you see the two autographs from Yuko Ashizawa and Midori Fukasawa.
Picture with the cute Midori♥ She stopped by while the others took some photos of me and she took one too!! And she even posted it on her blog: *click*
I was so excited *O*
Little overexposed  photo from Yuko Ashizawa and me :) She was so delighted when she got our austrian-swiss present!
Now onto some pictures of me:
The location was awesome and had some really antique looking furniture - what a perfect photo location :D
I also try to reactivate my Lookbook account! So keep on hyping my look there ;D

All in all I had a good time at the Finnish Lolita events! If I have the chance again I want to go there again :)
I said that this would be the last post about Finland, right? I guess I lied xD I have a last one about our visit at 'The Ounce', a tea shop, and Minna Parikka and their awesome shoes!
Stay tuned!