02 August 2015

See ya, Austria! ♡

Hello lovelies,

today I am travelling to Japan, yaaaaaaaaay!
This is a big dream coming true for me *O* I cannot even epress how excited I am! I hope I can cope with it when we arrive there x'D After this accident in Fukushima I thought it would not be that healthy to go there anytime now but I researched a lot and my girls asked me to travel together . . it was really spontaneous :D

It is pretty sad that I got no winner to send the surprise parcel to because no one of the 5 chosen ones messaged me :(
But it is now decided and I did not want to choose a third time . . so my family and friends get more presents :P

I prepared some posts for you and I hope I got the (right) time to post them for you! You know time lag and stuff ;)
You can also accompany my journey with following me on Instagram! There will be the first impressions of my trip: *click*
Bye bye, Austria!



  1. Ich wünsche dir ganz viel Spaß (auch wenn ich voll neidisch bin ^^)

  2. I'll take it I entered :) :) :)

    But I understand your wanting to give it to family and friends instead of a blog reader, they deserve it more.

    Have lots of fun in Japan.