26 August 2015

Japan Holiday 2015: Travelling & Day 1

Hello lovelies, 

I am back in Austria since a good week and I had to do a lot of laundry, meeting old friends and celebrating my 22nd birthday so therefor is my Travel diary of Japan a little bit late ;) But let us star anyway :D I met the girls in the train to the airport, ate a bit there since it was lunch time and did not expect to get much and good food on the flight^^
The flight took 10-11 hours and I could not manage to sleep a wink at all -.- It was really uncomfortable for me to sleep in those seats so I killed time with some games of the board entertainment and films like Avengers-Age of Ultron, Sherlock Holmes: A game of Shadows and Shaun the Sheep:3 There were so many good movies I already knew what to watch when leaving Japan xD This is the plane in which we arrived ^^
After travelling to Harajuku station, finding our apartment, getting used to the high temperature and resting a bit we got to see Takeshita Street <3 It was really lovely to be here even though there were loads of people and it was hard to get that pic of us xD
I was so looking forward to seeing some of those cute donuts and I found some in the Tamagotchi store near Takeshita-dori! Aren`t they just adorable? :3
Of course we did some shoppping there and here is my haul of today:
The JSK and the Bolero, both Baby the stars shine bright, are from Closetchild and were a real steal! I paid 4000 Yen (~30€ in total) :D I also got me a Dollywink Eyeliner to try it out and some stuff from Swimmer:

Above you can see my new glasses cloth and underneath some buttons! The cloth was a real spontaneous buy since I stood in the line to pay my buttons and when I got to the counter I saw it and took it xD
In the evening we did some grocery shopping and I found a Melon Soda from Fanta! A lot of people told me to try its awesome melon taste and because I like melon a lot I bought it. And I was disappointed. I posted it also on Instagram and some follower told me that Fanta´s Melon Soda is not the best therefor it was not my last one on this vacation :)
Stay tuned for part 2: More Shopping, Crepes and the Christon Café!



  1. Wooow, those donuts and buttons are adorable! I can't wait to shop cheap stuff at Closet Child too!

  2. Ah cool! Concerning Japan I miss Mr. Donut so much - they have the best donuts in the world ; w ;

  3. Hallo süsse

    Ich würde mich freuen wenn du da mitmachst. :)


  4. Everything looks cool ^^ And catch at closetchild- wow!
    I hope I will have some lucj finding nice and cheap clothes there in a week, when I'll be visiting :D

  5. Tolle Bilder ^^ Ich finde die Sachen von Closet Child echt hübsch und die Swimmer Buttons auch ^^

  6. Freut mich, dass du wieder gut heim gekommen bist (auch wenn ich die Blogeinträge erst jetzt lese -_-). Der Bolero ist hübsch.

    1. Ich bin auch froh, wieder da zu sein, würde aber schon gern den nächsten Japanurlaub planen :D

    2. Das glaub ich dir :)