06 August 2015

Instagram: June & July

Hello lovelies,

June and July were for me some nice summer months! They included an awesome festival, new stuff I bought, experiencing new situation at work and preparing for my first trip to Japan :D
I tell you more with every picture then: The one above shows me before I went to Rock in Vienna to see Babymetal! I was quite satisfied with my look that day^.^ See more of it here: *click*
Next I bought these chokers from ebay! I always wanted to have a heart-shaped one or one with an unusual colour so I got me 2 since they were pretty cheap - my inner Pastelgoth is now complete!
My parents and I drove to Ikea to get some stuff for my class room because I am going to be the class teacher of a first class ^o^ I did not have the typical swedish almond cake for ages so I got me one- yummy as always :3
I like this quote a lot, it is just so right! I also never thought of comparing making tea to living a life :O By the way it is located at the Vienna Westbahnhof at a shop called 'Teastories'.
This pic shows the blurred version of the light chains which made a pleasant atmosphere at the 'prom' of my first fourth classes. They left school so they made this event and they also invited me :3 They really liked me even though it was my first year teaching them ^.^
Killstar, my love! I ordered often from it this year and I am cursing this stupid email newsletter that tells me what is new and what is now on sale D: Nevertheless a lovely brand where I could spend all my money xD
Here you have a selfie of me lying in the grass and just enjoying it. I am glad I got time to do it in the holidays! Soon there will be a lot to do D:
I watched the series Outlander together with my bf and we are now big fans of it! Since the second season will be broadcasted next year I bought the first 4 books! Now I can train my english and know how the story evolves :D
I got my Yen for Japan :D The bank notes are so full of details and hidden faces and they are huge in contrast to the euro bank notes! I cannot wait to pay with them!
I also had to decide what to wear to Japan! These 2 skirts, the left one from Cloudberry Lady, the right one from Haenuli, I got new but have not worn them yet. I decided to take the Sherlock themed one with me since I needed some brown accents for a special event^.^

How were your summer months?
Did you go on vacation or are you in August as I am doing right now? :D


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  1. Ich war auch beim Rock in Vienna und Babymetal waren definitiv eines meiner Highlights von allen drei Festivaltagen! Wenn sie nochmal nach Österreich kommen, was ich sehr hoffe, bin ich auf jeden Fall auch wieder dabei :)

    Angy von Upside Down Kingdom