17 August 2015

Tutorial: Hair tie to Brooch, Ring & Hair clip

Hello lovelies,

even though I am on vacation I did a tutorial before I left Austria - only for you ;D Just kidding - I wanted to do this for a long time but somehow I just did not do it :P Well, both of it I guess!
Back to the topic: I bought these hair ties a time ago and thought they were really cute but realized I do not use fancy hair ties at all . . I am more a hairclip or brooch person. So I decided to change that:
You need:
~ hair ties you want to change
~ scissors
~ glue gun
~ brooch needles, hair clips or ring forms
Here is a pic of the hair clips (back), the brooch needles (front) and the ring in the middle. You can buy those stuff easily online or get it in the most crafting or sewing shops!
Happily it was not that hard to get the ties of the motives although they were glued on heavily xD But I had my scissors to help me out:
Then I decided to make the rainbow cloud a hairclip since it fitted perfectly, the panda and the heart became brooches and the star is now a ring^^ I just simply glued the pieces together and my new cute accessories are finished :)
Here I pinned the panda bear brooch onto a bag of mine and misused the hairclip on the handle of the bag ^^ Aren´t they cute? I love how they are different from my 'regular' buttons which I adore too!
And here is my fancy star ring in action! I love its cute face :D
I think it is a simple way to turn unloved or unused hairties into something you like and love!
(Maybe it is too simple and I could have saved my time photographing and blogging this but I thought this does not come to everyone´s minds^^)

Thank you for stopping by!
If you try this tutorial out leave me your pics or links in the comments!


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