13 August 2015

Trying Asian Candy #1: Kracie Poppin Cooking and Rilakkuma Pocky

Hello lovelies,
Since I tried out some candy stuff I got in the Kawaii Boxes before I travelled to Japan and I do not only want to concentrate on japanese candy I am opening up a new series: Trying Asian Candy!
In this first part I show you 2 sweets I got in various Kawaii Boxes:
I was really happy about getting Pocky in Rilakkuma style :D The package is so cute and I like those pics on the back you can also cut out and place anywhere ^ ^
Even the inner foil was full of Rilakkumas :3 The sticks smelled like honey which I really liked but did taste a little burned (?). They were okay but not the best obviously :/
Next up is this Kracie Poppin Cooking package! It is about making your own candy trough mixing powders with water and more. Here you can colour the candy and add different flavours to it:
This was in the package: colourful powder, some forms, a mixing palette and a white sweet and formable substance
I had to add some water and mix it with the powder and combine some colour so I got this as a result:
After mixing new colours I formed the sugary substance into the moulds and et voilà . . 
A dolphin, a robot, a planet and the shooting star are ready to get some colour!I added the colour with a stick made out of plastic which I also used to stirr the colours:
Here is the final result ^.^ The colours really did taste differently but all in all it was sickly sweet o.O
It was fun making it but its taste is not that great so I would not extra buy it just for doing it. Despite that I want to try to make Kracie Poppin Cooking Sushi! It will be so weird making Sushi which will taste sweet xD

What do you think of Kracie Poppin Cooking?
Let me know it in the comments!



  1. Oh, the cute Rilakkuma box design,
    I thought it was the banana flavor one. ≧ω≦

  2. Die Dinger sind echt witzig. XDD

  3. ich mag japanische süssigkeiten. überhaupt solche, die man erst "basteln" muss. wäre toll, wenn du wieder solche posts machen würdest.