30 August 2015

Japan Holiday 2015: Day 2 (Harajuku)

Hello lovelies, 

on the second day we also went to Takeshita-dori to shop some more and see buildings and shops we would like to see for a long time:D First we made a stop at the Moshi Moshi Box, a tourist center for Harajuku. This blogpost from tokyofashion.at describes it good: *click*
The clock is made from Sebastian Masuda, the founder of 6% DOKIDOKI. It consists of (I guess?) thousands of plastic and plush toys and you longer you stare the more you find:D
I love the giraffe, the fairy wings and the integrated houses a lot <3
After shopping we treated ourselves with some delicious crepes:

It is a shame that we do not have those example dishes in Austria, it would be much easier to choosexD I got me the strawberry cheesecake one and Yaya got her a matcha browny crepe:
After our crepe we went home to relax a bit and prepare for the Christon Cafe in Shinjuku! Since this post would get too long I show you my purchases of the day and do an extra post about this theme cafe ^-^
The black onepiece (Innocent World) and the off-white cardigan (Emily Temple Cute) are from Closetchild, socks and bag from WEGO and the 3 shirts from Listen Flavor <3
I also got me a pouch from Swimmer, some Gachapon figures and Purikura! The black velvet heart earrings and the heart chokers are from W♡C.
The best comes last: a creepy icecream cone necklace
This is amongst other things a reason for me to love this brand! The shop girls were really nice and I got the black bracelet as a gift (because I bought so much..) xD
I knew this brand existed but I was never fond of buying there . . now I know it  better :D
Stay tuned for the Christon Cafe and my interesting food there!



  1. Waaaah~ *____*
    I'm so jellyyy! Well really happy for you, that you got to go there, really awesome! :D

    Would be super lovely to visit a swimmer store, there would be way too much cuteness and well, everywhere else ofc!

    ~ Frillycakes ~

    1. It was really awesome there :D

      We were I guess 4 times in the Swimmer store beause it is such an overflow of cuteness and you cannot decide what you want to buy o.O