31 Juli 2015

And the winner is . . ? ?// Round 2

Hello lovelies,

the Giveaway is over since midnight! I guess I am as excited as you!We are all waiting for the name to be announced :D
First I have to add I had some issues with the Rafflecopter widget so it gave me 2 names. Since I am only giving away 1 parcel from Japan I decided to show both names and the one who messages me first will win the prize!
I guess that is fair since I do not know which name was first drawn ;)

a Rafflecopter giveaway
(Congratulations to Cehajic E. and Ruzaika for having the chance to win!)

UPDATE: This time I picked 3 winners: Sushma from India, Bronzie from the United States and Amber from Canada!
If one of you is reading this send me immediately a message at: lolitagoesbad@gmx.at
Please tell me also what you like as theme for the parcel, what you like and what you do not!
I am pretty curious where the parcel will go! 
You got time until 1 am (MESZ)! If noone is contacting me I do not choose again  new winners!
Hopefully I get one soon since I am leaving on sunday morning! Even though I am on vacation then I will post sometimes since I take my laptop with me and we got WiFi there :D

Thank you all for joining my Giveaway! I was really happy seeing so many people wanting a surprise from Japan!

xoxo( ˘ ³˘)

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  1. Aww _ better luck next time for me.. ≧◡≦

    And congratulation to the winner! ♡('∀' ჱ)

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