04 Juli 2015

Giveaway for you ♡ - Reminder

Hello lovelies,
only 26 days left until the winner of my Giveaway gets chosen! Are you excited? :D
To intensify the anticipation of the ones who already entered the Giveaway and for those who did not have until now I made a sample parcel from Japan with stuff I have at home but got from Japan. I opted for a kawaii theme since a lot of you want just kawaii stuff :)
I put in some plushies und squishies, hair accessories like bows, Usamimis, some jewelry, of course sweets, stickers and some cosmetics. Since this is just a example you can choose the theme of your surprise box and tell me what you like and what you do not!
Some of you already did tell me their likes and dislikes in the comments but I show you it anyay:

For instance:
Theme: Kawaii stuff
Like: colour pink, Hello Kitty, jewelry
Dislike: colour yellow, squishies, polkadot pattern
Theme: Pastel Goth
Like: bats, mint, spikes
Dislike: light pink, coffins, makeup

So there is still some time to think about what you like and dislike to have in your surprise parcel!
And to finish it off I added another option to enter the Giveaway! So get an additional chance to win ;D
Share the pic above on tumblr and raise your chance to win! The link of the pic is stated in the Giveaway:
a Rafflecopter giveaway
I just updated the Rafflecopter app! Everything should be saved but you can also check out if you entered correctly!
I am really happy about you all participating and I do look forward to fill the parcel with awesome goodies for the winner ♡



  1. ich würde mich über das kawaii-package freuen :)

  2. It's awesome that you take the time to personalise the package. :)

  3. Owww, i don't know what have this box but sure is so cute! I want it! *u*
    My email is: black.cherry.blog@gmail.com
    Thanks for the giveaway! <3
    I follow you now, visit me if you can ^^
    Have a nice day!