08 Juli 2015

Witchy jewellery Haul ~☾

Hello lovelies,
as you may know I am addicted to jewellery! There is not a single day I am leaving the house without a necklace and a ring. Yes, I sometimes forget to add a bracelet but I never ever forget my necklace. I do not know exactly why but I feel not complete without a necklace xD It seems ridiculous but I guess there a worse dependencies out there;)
I am starting my haul with a necklace I really like because of its colour! I love this roségold tone and I got a lot of necklaces with triangles in all kind of sizes and colours. It will be hard for me to coordinate it since it is a long necklace and in my opinion something uni-coloured should be worn (but I do not own a lot of itxD). ~5€, Six
Moving on to more triangles, I love those kind of necklaces! I already own similar ones in gunmetal grey and roségold ^^' I also searched for some fake turquoise stone pieces and was really glad to find this one!
This one and another simple gold chain you can see at the above the focused necklace came with the turqoise gold one! I do not have a lot of gold jewellery so I am glad I got it :) ~5€, Six
Another golden piece with a turqoise stone in it is this kind of Indian inspired necklace. Since I am a huge fan of ornaments I had to get it! ~5€, Six
What would be a witch without some crystals? I also got some translucent ones but I think about adding some light pink to my jewellery wardrobe so I coordinate it with black, grey and other darker colours. ~7,99€, Claire´s
Somehow I am also enjoying the Indian vibes right now since I saw a lot of awesome outfits with it. Therefor I fell in love with this cute dreamcatcher with turqoise accents <3 ~5,99€, Claire´s
Chokers are a must-have for witches and Pastel goths :D I found this versatile piece with 4 exchangeable pendants and I love all of them! I was about to buy a choker with a moon for about 15€ from a webshop but I am so happy I found this inexpensive version of it! ~6,99€, Claire´s 
This one is a 3-row-necklace where I like all pendants a lot. I think about separating them and make everyone a single necklace because the length is also not the best of. ~9,99€, Claire's

It is my first jewelry haul since this year began so I am pretty happy and confident about it! Six is one of my favourite shops to buy jewellery but I was strong so many times and just went past the shop :D I never thought I would find something for me at Claire`s since it seemed to me childish and a big degradiation going on.

What are your opinions about Claire`s and Six?
Which necklace do you like the most?
What do you think about this 'witchy' trend?



  1. Huch, ich glaube ich muss dringend zum Claire's gehen :D

  2. Da ich selbst so eine kleine Hexe bin finde ich es einerseits schön, weil hey, mehr Zeug was mir gefällt, andererseits... hey, mehr Zeug was jedes andere Mädchen kauft, weil es modern ist und dem es vielleicht nicht so viel bedeutet. Ich bin in meinem typischen "Ich will alleine individuell (in diesem Fall->Hexe) sein"-Zwiespalt! xD
    Ich finde die zweite Kette ganz toll, die mit den goldenen, langen Dreiecken und Türkisen. Tatsächlich überlege ich sie mir auch zu holen. Von six, ja? Da war ich glaub ich noch nie! :o
    Einen Choker habe ich mir letztens einfach aus einem Gummiband gebastelt. Den Mondanhänger habe ich noch von einer alten Wendy (Ohgott, wie peinlich, das darf man gar nicht laut sagen haha :D)

    1. Ich denk mir, dass ich es zumindest individuell kombinieren und tragen kann^^ Die 'anderen' machen das so wie immer, ich eben anders^.^
      Six ist mittlerweile mein Lieblingsshop, wenn es um Schmuck geht :D Hoffentlich findest du sie noch!
      Das ist doch nicht peinlich, das nennt sich Recycling! Ich habe auch auf ebay keine für mich passenden Anhänger gefunden und war froh den Choker + 4 Anhänger gleich zu finden :)