27 Juli 2015

A Bug's Life - caterpillar edition #1

Hello lovelies,

Apart from the 2 weeks in Japan I am spending my school holidays at my parents in Upper Austria or in Vienna at my home. Of course I see more of the nature at my parents and this is also the place where I found those caterpillars. I also got a lot of help from my cat Smarty who was always on my side:
Intensely watching the creatures moving o.o
This one is the caterpillar of an European goat moth ('Weidenbohrer' in german). It is pretty big and lives on the wood of broad-leaved trees. Here you can see how it should look like after its pupation: *click*
We also got a lot of catterpillars from the box tree moth which ate nearly all the box trees in our garden - not that nice!
Somehow my mom managed to get them and the eggs off of her box trees so the plants slowly recover now.
Here you can see the moth after its pupation: *click* It is a pretty moth but really bad for those box trees. This one above cocooned around so it seems it is flying xD
I really like taking pics of all kind of animals. Somehow it is a challenge for me since it caterpillars are tiny, always moving and hard to find^^
Do you like my pics of various animals?

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  1. Dear "Lolita-goes-bad",
    Please watch your grammar,it's quite difficult for an english audience to understand.
    I don't want to sound rude,it is just an advice for your future entries ;)

    1. Dear Unknown,
      Thank you for your critics!
      I don't want to be rude either but it would be nicer to know with whom I am writing ;)

    2. I am the one who shall not be named. I don’t really know what my name is, what’s the value of a name anyway?

  2. My dad always used to collect caterpillars for me. Your adventure is absolutely cute!