20 Juli 2015

★Review: Moon Bunny★

Hello lovelies,

there was to much stuff on my to-post-list but now I got the time to post this review from Moon Bunny! You already saw them in my  post about my christmas gifts here: *click* 
This is a jewellery brand located in Russia which gets its inspiration from J-Fashion trends! A lot of pastel polymer clay jewellery and  crochet cuties are waiting for you!
I met Veronica, the owner of the brand at various Lolita events like the LVER and she is literally a cutie ^.^

I ordered trough the storenvy site and it worked without any problems. As in the most shops you can pay with credit card or Paypal - so no problems there!
I ordered a ring and a brooch:
~ Dreamy cat ring in lilac: *click*
~ Dreamy cat brooch in mint: *click*
~ FREE: Chrocheted strawberry bear charm: *click*
Here you can see all 3 items without the package. Aren't they cute?
I am not sure if they mixed up some orders but I like this cute chrocheted charm a lot!
Look at all those details: The small black cross is really tiny and so exact in the middle of the cat face. Also the rosy-cheeked faces in general are really gorgeous! Here is another close-up of the brooch:
Awwwww that tiny heart nose <3  Here you can also see the texture of the polymer clay better. I wonder if Victoria did it with a toothpick or a brush?
I love both of my purchases and I am happy about my additional chrochet charm!

Prize & Shipping:
All in all I understand the prizes of the accessories because everything is handmade and looks really awesome! Furthermore there are a lot of polymer clay using brands out there but Moon Bunny really stands out with its style!
Everything was well-packed in bubble wrap! It took the parcel 2-3 weeks to arrive but this is okay with me since everything must be made by them before they can send it^^
So therefor: ★★

15 of 15 stars is just perfect!It is awesome how many new ideas the duo behind Moonbunny always have! I saw them at Hellocon 2014 and LVER 2015 and there was always something creepy and/or cute I loved :3
A disadvantage that I can tell is that some accessories are really quick out of stock!
But I think this speaks for the quality of the brand :)
Here are some accessories I absolutely would love to have:
Row 1: Earrings - Brooch - Mirror
Row 2: Brooch - Ring - Necklace
Row 3: Charm - Charm - Necklace

What is your opinion about this brand?

Which piece of jewellery would you love to have from this brand?
Let me know it in the comments!



  1. They all are soo kawaii! I'd love to have the purple Dreamy cat Ring with a black cross on its head. Really cute. (˃ᆺ˂)

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  2. Die Katzen sind sooo niedlich <3

    Also mein Favorit wäre diese Kette: http://cutemoonbunny.storenvy.com/collections/285590-necklaces/products/3482114-moon-prism-power-necklace
    (dann noch den passenden Charm dazu :D)

    Und diesen Spiegel finde ich auch genial

    1. Oh ja <3
      Ich hab zwar in meiner Kindheit auch viel Sailormoon geschaut, aber irgendwie hab ich nicht so den Hype erwischt wie so manch andere :'D
      Der Spiegel ist echt toll, den hätt ich auch gern :3

  3. ach göttchen :-O glaub da darf ich für die lolis in meinem bekanntenkreis mal auf geschenksuche gehen ^_^ tolles review!