14 Juli 2015

Be like a duck // Countdown

Hello lovelies,

my bf and me strolled around in Vienna since we both got some free time and because Schloss Schönbrunn is not that far away from our flat we decided to go there. It was a pretty hot day and it was really crowded but I took my camera with me because you do not know when you need it, right?
There is also this big fountain where I saw some ducks enjoying the sun on a little footbridge.
The big one in the back is the mother, the others are her ducklings. Well, they are nearly full-grown but you can still see their downy feathers:
I really enjoyed being them so near and they did not feel anyhow disturbed of me :) I totally undestand the enthusiasm of these men just holding a duckling in their hands: *click*
Buzzfeed also made a video how their duckling grew up : *click*

Be like a duck: Calm on the surface, but always paddling like the dickens underneath!

Yesterday my girls and me met up again to plan out Japan vacation :D Since it is not much time until we travel and the Giveaway closing too I made a little countdown which is at the bottom of this site. You just need to scroll down :)
Only 2 weeks and 5 days to wait, it is sooooo exciting :D :D