28 Juni 2015

Trendlove #19: Kimonos

Hello lovelies,

it is time for the next trendlove! Since Japan is one of the contries of origin for this piece of clothing and it got really popular for spring and summer in general fashion I looked around to find some outfits with Kimonos on tokyofashion.com
It was pretty hard to find some without any more asian influences like an obi belt, wooden sandals, I searched for modern interpretations of it. But I had to accept fashionable people in Japan do like to wear their traditional style just with a twist of modern times.
For example the girl in the pic above rocks her sheer Kimono with a crop top, a cross necklace and Dip Dye hair but she still sticks to her roots with wearing wide pants with print and tabi socks to sandals.
This girl wears to her floral black Kimono an maxi dress with all-over animal print, a leather jacket underneath, leather platform boots and a tiger head bag. Through the leather, the animal print and the bag she interprets wearing a Kimono new!
Moving on to another lovely lady wearing a black and lilac Kimono with the typical flappy sleeves and a huge bow in the front. She shows the Gothic style is also possible to pull off with a traditional  japanese piece of clothing!
In Tokyo you also see men wearing Kimono which seems to me is not a trend for men in Europe at all. At least I saw not a single man wearing one. . if you did show it to me :D This man wears a long Kimono which is longer in the front and shorter in the back. I know the opposite version was a thing with dresses and skirt so this is new to me. I really like the texture of it!
The photographer of tokyofashion.com also caught another man wearing a black and longer Kimono-like cardigan. He pairs it with a skirt made out of vintage Kimono fabric. His company is also going for the traditional look with a Kimono-inspired dress and finishes it with an obi belt.

What do you think of Kimonos in everyday fashion in countries without Asian influences of culture and fashion?
Weird or good-looking?
Let me know your opinion :)



  1. Ich finde diese modernen Interpretationen sehr toll, die Outfits sehen super interessant aus und Kimonos machen eine schöne Silhouette. Ich würde mich freuen, würde man das auf unseren Strassen auch etwas öfters zu sehen bekommen. Aber ich verstehe auch, dass dem nicht allzu oft so sein wird, weil der Kimono einfach traditionell japanisch ist und in Japan sicher auch nicht jeder ein Dirndl im Schrank hat. Ich finde allerdings, dass die Japaner oft viel mehr Mut beweisen wenn es darum geht traditionelle Schnitte, etc. aus anderen Kulturen zu übernehmen und neu zu interpretieren.

    1. Ja, es ist sehr kulturell bedingt! Der Vergleich mit dem Dirndl ist echt super :D
      So fashionable ist das Ö/D/CH nicht :/