04 Juni 2015

Instagram: Little bit of March, April & May

Hello lovelies,

as I said in my last Instagram post here are also 2 pics of March included:) I also left out some of the pics of which I think they are not that necessary or fancy to show here^^
Sadly I did not have time to make a proper post about it but the pic above shows the pattern of a skirt I bought in March at the Lena Hoschek Sale - all the berries <3 I also got a cardigan which was tailored narrower to fit me :3
I had some fancy easter decorations at home! Glitter bunnies and colourful chicklets? Hell yeah! For more pics click here: *click*
I also got me some business cards for my blog! I was at a blogger event where they were very useful:*click* I am adoring them, they look so cute :3
This is a wonderful book for Lolitas traveling to Japan! A lot of tipps concerning sightseeing and shopping are the main point of the book xD But also many pretty pics ^^
Me and Yaya had a wonderful day together at the FashionCamp Vienna! Even our bags represented our style so well <3 Click here for more: *click* *click*
Tutorial Time! Matching to the Trendlove about cherries in general I did a tutorial for these cherry hair clips: *click* They easily grade up a boring outfit and make it juicy for summer :D
Tony Moly is a Korean cosmetics brand and I have to admit I am a package victim. Somtimes I buy cute stuff because it looks cute but does not always has benefits. Anyway here is my review about the Gloss Bars, the Perfume Bar and even more stuff: *click*
I enjoyed some pink Hugo with limes after a hard day of work. I got the pink Hugo at the FashionCamp Vienna to try it out -it tastes awesome :)
My boyfriend was part of the team at the Eurovision Songcontest in Vienna. He danced at the Magic Bridge and had tons of glitter in his hair. Well we had it also in our bed even though he showered several times xD
Lately I love fruits on clothes but especially melons! It is so hard to find some but I got these shirts and the retro shades secondhand! I am so happy and look forward to wearing them all - where is the hot weather? ;D

I hope you enjoyed my Instagram recap!
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  1. I really like clothing with fruit prints too! Not really fruit, but at least food - I just got a really cool shirt with a giant croissant on it and I love it :D

    1. I do not know why but I especially love water melon(s) on shirts xD
      If you do an outfit with that shirt let me know it, I want to see it :D

    2. Watermelons just have a really cool colour combination, maybe that's why? ;)
      Haha, I sure will! :D

  2. die bunten kücken sind so süß ^^ nix geht über osterkitsch!