12 Juni 2015

Youtube: How to behave in Lolita by Misako Aoki

Hello lovelies,

you know Youtube is a place for all kind of little clips which also come up to different genres. It is awesome that some Lolitas also like to film videos for Youtube! And it is even funnier if a famous Lolita (role)model does some clips on how not to and how to act while wearing Lolita :D
The first episode shows the daily deals with Lolita clothing like walking around, petticoat show-offs, laughing and many more. 
If those rules were real I guess I would be a bad Lolita then xD
But I have to admit it happened to me sometimes I bumped into things and it is really embarassing D:
Part 2 is more about wardrobe malfunctions, squatting down for photos, drinking water out of tea cups instead of bottles bottles and having bad handrwriting:

Part 3 is in collaboration with Ryu the butler. Through him interactions between people get better shown. It is about the right handling of umbrellas, how to prepare before eating, sneezing and about getting drunk:
I also found some behaviours I did or I am doing while wearing Lolita but some of them are clearly a cultural thing ^.^
Did you watched some bad behaviours you do or did in Lolita?
In my opinion it just funny to watch but it contains also some tipps or reminders what you should do when you wear a frilly dress :)

What is your opinion about this series and Misako´s ability as an actress?
Let me know it in the comments :)


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  1. ich finde, dass man die regeln vom 1. video schon beachten sollte, weils einfach besser aussieht. aber punkt 3 is mir neu. ich lass das kleid lieber auf der seite runterhängen oder nehms zwischen die beine, bevor ich mich draufsetz.

    ich find die serie gut und misako war auch ok.