16 Juni 2015

★ Review: Black Craft ★

Hello lovelies,

sometime ago I came across this awesome site called Black Craft (Cult)! It is a pretty dark gothy label wich uses a lot of  magical, witchy and satanic motifs but pairs them with funny slogans and cat pics. I know some of you do not like those polarizing motifs which some see as evil and some just wear them for fashion. 
I have to say that I really love to make people think just with my fashion.
For example I wore once a up-pointing pentagram necklace to work and some of my pupils asked me if I am worshipping satan. I am glad she asked so I could explain the symbol and that it protects one from evil ghosts and demons.
Back to the topic, let me show what I got and how it worked out:

I just ordered through their website I mentioned above. They also got a fb-site and an Instagram account where their newest designs get shown.

You can pay via PayPal or credit card - no probs here!
I ordered 2 tanktops and a T-shirt:
~ Stay Pawsitive T-Shirt: *click*
~ Lucipurr Tanktop: *click*
~ Moon Child Tanktop: *click*
I love this one because it is written in an awesome old-looking font, a cat is involved and it contains a hidden word play :D
It is pretty similar to the first one: Awesome style of lettering, moon in meaning and motive and a little inverted cross^^
Last but definitely not least: Lucipurrrrr! This is the reason why I stumbled across this brand and why I did this order! Again a word-play, a cat and a inverted cross xD
They are all true to their size charts and I could not find any flaws in the prints, therefor:
Prize & Shipping:
All in all it is a bit on the pricier side to order there. But since the prints are unique (so it feels to me), the shirts are flawless, fitting and funny there is a big chance to order there again :3
Everything was well packed in plastic foils and it arrived 2-3 weeks after I ordered it, so this was good too!
I remove 1 star for its priceyness: 

Since I did not find a lot of reviews of this label I thought it might be helpful for some people to do one. Now I am thinking about buying this shirt:*click* Because witches do it better, right? :D
What do you think about those shirts with all the magical motives on them?
In the next post you will see an older outfit from me with my favourite shirt of this post :D



  1. wow cool. I myself like a black / dark design,
    and Blackcraft definitely sumthing I would wear.

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  2. Mhm, ich als Shirtjunkie bin schwer versucht :D and witches do it better indeed! :3

  3. klingt interessant.
    mein geld is dahin ...