08 Juni 2015

Rock in Vienna: Babymetal♡

Hello lovelies,

this weekend was just awesome *O* Rock in Vienna, a festival at the Danube Island, took its place the first time this year and had a good line-up! I just had to go since Babymetal was there too :D
So I bought a ticket just for saturday to see them! Some girls of the local Lolita comm also wanted to go there so we met there.
Funnily enough all girls wore the 'Gimme Chocholate'-T-shirt and had 2 pigtails:D
Just enjoying our shadowy place and looking fab: Duplica and me
It was really hot that day but if we were not at the stages we stayed in the shadows and drank cool drinks!
Half an hour earlier we secured us some places in the front row to have a good sight . . and so it began:
Credit goes to Salia
It was a wonderful concert which I really enjoyed. I also got a headache afterwards . . I guess it was a mixture of the headbanging, dancing and the lack of water in my body xD Of course the concert in Cologne was more intense for me because it was my first one and single concerts are always better than on festivals^^
I also bought a shirt there! Mine is now in the laundry so you get an internet pic: *click*
It is a pretty new one and is about their 'Road of Resistance' and features funny dudes fighting with guitars and microphones XD
We met a lot of japanese fans of the girls who told us they travel here to see them because they cannot get a ticket in Japan that easy!
Maybe we will meet them in August again ^.^
After Babymetal we also saw Limp Bizkit. The concert just reminded me of old LP songs I really liked but forgot about them. . Babymetal was also on the stage to listen to them :D
Kiss was the main act of the day and I am fascinated by their fancy glittery clothes even though I am not into glitter! There are so many details so you cannot stop looking and their face paint just finishes their apperance :D
Being wise I made a pic before I get destroyed from the hot day, so here is my apperance:P
I kept my makeup pretty but simple which I like to do when I am on festivals. I do not like to wear no makeup at all except I am at homexP
I used some turquoise eyeline underneath my eyes and blended it :)

All in all it was an awesome day!! Yes, it was exhausting but it is just belongs to being at a festival :D
The next possible concerts to see them are:
~ 26th August in Frankfurt, Germany
~ 27th August in Berlin, Germany
I am not sure if I have to money to go there since its 2 weeks after my Japan trip but we will see :D
Who else is going to see them in Germany?
Let me know it in the comments!



  1. Nice eye make-up! I think this looks very good on you 。^‿^。
    Just the other day my room mate asked me, if I knew Babymetal and if this was "really a thing or just an advertisement gag"... xD

    I am not going to see them, because I have no time. But it is nice to see that you guys had so much fun!

    1. Thank you :)
      If you know some japanese ads this thought do not seem that wrong xD
      That is a pity, you should definitely check them out!