01 Mai 2015

Bring & Buy for J-Fashion 042015

Hello lovelies,

last weekend Gothic Lolita Austria had a J-Fashion Bring & Buy event! The organiser of the Gothic fleamarket was so nice to let us have a part of the location. It was our first time doing an event like that but I turned out pretty awesome so we decided to do it again as a part of our Lolita weekend which is from 17th to 18th October  (Metamoprhose Teaparty in Vienna) :D 
This was the place-name sign for our little kingdom down in the basement :D And this is just a part of the treasures hidden here:
There were 3 more tables full of shoes, bags and tops and another clothes rail full of boleros and outerwear :O Some accessories like tights and headwear were also there to buy.
Me, Duplica, Queran and Sylvia at the table where the people paid their purchases :) I think we were a great team! I stole the pic from Queran, thank you ^.^
Yes, I had to work a lot but somehow there is always some time for shopping for myself ;D This are my lovely purchases:

Cutsew: Dear Celine // Half coat: Innocent World // Skirts: Metamorphose
I went for more simple pieces to ease the combination possibilities. I waited long for a simple white skirt since I dyed mine with black tea ^^'  And the grey and white striped skirt is awesome for summer and everyday Lolita :) Further I love the bow lace on the cutsew and the half coat is one of my big loves since I saw it in the sale on the IW website but I was too slowly D:
Thank you for stopping by!
What is your opinion about those events where you can bring clothes and buy them there but you have to get the left over stuff back again?


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