18 Mai 2015

Dead cheap fashion - Nunu Kaller & blogs about DIY and ecological fashion

Hello lovelies,

My first episode of this series is already some months old so I hurry up to do the next one!
The pic above shows you a wonderful book from Nunu Kaller: *click* I read it last year in my holidays and it really fascinated me! It is written in german, sorry again! Its title says 'I kauf nix!'. That is german for 'I do not buy anything!'.

It is about shopaholic who decides to start her new year with a shopping diet. I love the book! It is written like a diary and she explains all her thoughts about the garment industry and her inner battle to buy or not buy new stuff.
She also got a lovely blog (again german) where she tells her story after the book, her everyday struggle with 'the textile Swede' and tipps where to buy ecological and socially fair produced fashion: *click*

I also am following some blogs which fit that topic! Those ladies alter their clothes they sat in the closet for ages or buy them from second hand stores and alter them to new wearable pieces with minimal effort:

New dress a day: Marisa Lynch was on several TV-shows and alos wrote a book about her DIY-Story. As you can see she turned this dress with unflattering lenght in a simple tank top! Really easy!

Refashionista: Jillian is just on the same way as Marisa and I love how she shows the multiplicity of one clothing piece. The 2 pics on the left show how you can wear the dress, the last 2 show what you can make out of it.
Hat decorated with plastic from the sea, upcycled flower brooch and cardboard beads bracelet
Recycled Fashion: Erica promotes a lot of projects and shops which produce their goods trough upcycling. She got her own workshops and 'Op Shop Tours' in Melbourne. Also the ecology and the social fairness are really important to her.

As most of you know the garbage we make on our little planet gets just more and more and the ressources just get less. We have to find ways to at least slow down this process and help avoiding more wast through prolong our clothings life.
I already stated some ways to do so in my first post about it:*click*

Now I think of my moth attractions which are already on a separate pile in my closet . .I definitely do some transformations in the near future ^.^



  1. hab mir gleich refashionistas blog angesehen. ist ja ein wahnsinn, was sie aus den klamotten macht o.o