04 Mai 2015

Trendlove #18: Be my Cherry Bonbon!

Hello lovelies,

summer time or at least the warmer season is just around the corner which means some types of fruits just get ripe! For example this cherry print trend has already been in the last summer but there are always some people wearing it now and the trend seems to come now in the European shops too. Candy StripperKatie and Syrup. are some japanese brands which use a lot of cherries in their designs.
Let us start from the head:
If I would wear earrings more I would definitely get me one of those! I love these real looking cherries as jewelry a lot! For me it feels just like summer  when you got a cherry or any other fruit like a strawberry or similar hanging down your ear :D
I also like those hair clips you can buy on etsy and storenvy! Bu you can easily do it yourself as I will show you in my next post! Stay tuned to find out more!
Moving on to more accessories I love: Buttons! I love them even more if they have a good size and something fancy and cute on them ;D In my opinion this one is a bit tooo big but I like the motive a lot!
Further accessories to make your outfit more 'fruity' could be a lovely bag with a tone on tone pattern or some knitted cherries dangling down from anywhere!
So, my accessories examples are done! Here are some lovely cherries as motives on sweater! These girls took the summer feeling also to the colder months :D Normally I like the natural colour scheme more but I also like the heart shape of the white cherries ^.^
And some girls do wear their clothes full of cherries in the warmer months too. I love how they match the all over print pieces with unicoloured clothes. It makes the cherry red pop out even more!

In my opinion cherries are a clear pattern for the warmer seasons. If you go for a fully patterned cherry piece pair it with one colour to focus on the cherries.
Through small bits of the fruit as accessories you can easily cute up your outfit.

What are your opinions about that trend?
Let me know your favourite fruit you wear as an accessory or  as a print on clothes!
The next post is about how you make some lovely cherry accessories ;D



  1. I looove cherries! :D
    I love them on accessories, clothing and to eat them <3
    My daughter's one middle name is cherry in finnish. ^___^

    ~ Frillycakes ~

  2. Oh the crochet cherries on he shoes are awesome!

    1. I also adore them! Sadly I cannot do it myself but maybe my mum can teach me to crochet^.^

  3. Cherries as fashion accessories are so lovely! They immediately put you into a summery mood :)

  4. Ich mag Kirschen :D Als ich ungefähr 15 war, hatte ich Converse auf die ich Kirschen gemalt habe und da meine Haare dieselbe Farbe hatten wurde ich einige Zeit auch "Kirsche" gerufen.

    Und ich hab sogar ein Kleid mit Kirschen drauf ;D

    1. Haha super, Julia McCherry :D
      Hast dazu schonmal einen Outfitpost gemacht?

    2. Ich hab grad nachgeschaut und nein, ich habe keinen gemacht D:
      Irgendwann mach ich aber einen, versprochen xD (spätestens wenn ich passende Schuhe hab ^^)