14 Mai 2015

Casually sailing ♡ // Lolita Meetup 052015

Hello lovelies,

last weekend Yaya and me were the hosts of a small Meetup in our hometown Linz in Austria!Around 12 people said they would come but in the end we were 6. We found out that Facebook played some tricks on us because we had the event first open for all but switched it then to just invited persons. But we were a lovely group and there was not a problem in the restaurant where er reserved for 12 so it was not that bad xD
So we met first at the railway station and went to Akakiko, an Asian restaurant which is just awesome! The food was tasty (forgot to take a pic-.-) and Igot to know 2 new Lolitas who had their first meetup ever :)
Then we wanted to hit the museum we chose but we would only had 1 hour in there so we went for a walk and took some pics:
Yaya, Melanie, Lala, Selina, me and Toto
It was nice to meet my old Lolita fellows who do not come often to the Vienna meetups and to see new faces :)
I opted for a pretty casual sailor coord:
            Alice band: Claire´s // Cherry Clip: Handmade // Brooch: Six // Cardigan: Hellbunny //  
                      Skirt: Metamoprhose // Socks: Sock Dreams // Shoes: Bodyline
I forgot to take my contact lenses with me to my parents and forgot to take the glasses for the outfit shot off D: But here is my FOTD^^
Sadly this pic is a bit over illuminated so you cannot see the bow of my hairclip that well . . at least my freshly dyed hair looks nice XD
This outfit was pretty random just 'throwing all in my suitcase and wait for inspiration to kick in' xD But all in all I took the right essentials with me to have at least a casual outfit^^'
I had an 'After Eight' sundae at Jindrak, a well-known Austrian pastry shop were we settled down for drinks and ice cream. In my opinion mint (colour and herbs <3) and chocolate is a perfect combination :3 So we chatted even more so that time just flew and everyone had to go their ways home!

I had alovely time with the ladies! The people definitely make the meetup and not the programme :)
Thank you for watching! I hope you liked my quick sailor coord! I love this style especially with red hair so stay tuned for more Sailor Lolita!



  1. Tut mir so leid, dass ich diesmal nicht dabei sein konnte. :_:
    Aber ihr wart alle so hübsch! <3
    Dein Outfit mag ich besonders, Sailor Lolita sieht man viel zu selten! *.*

  2. Ich hab euer Gruppenfoto ja schon auf facebook bewundert, toll saht ihr alle aus! ^__^
    In Zukunft kann ich vielleicht auch mal zu Treffen in Linz kommen (wenn ich denn Zeit habe) :D

    1. Wir waren ne süße Gruppe ^.^
      Das wäre toll, Verstärkung aus Wien/NÖ ist immer gut :D

  3. Every person looks sooooooo cute *_* Such an amazing group!

  4. After Eight sundae sounds delicious! Love the shoe pic too, haven't seen one of those in a while ^_^

    { sparklesideup.com }

  5. ich hoffe, dass ich auch mal nach linz kann.
    ihr seht alle so toll aus ^^,