24 Mai 2015

★ Review: Tony Moly Products ★

Hello lovelies,

most of you may already know that I ordered some stuff from Tony Moly because they saw 2 cuties on Instagram ^.^ But here you can see my full order in all its cuteness :D
After I wrote my post about the recycling of old clothes I wondered what else I want to emphasize on my blog. I came up with cosmetics without animal testing and I thought of my review I wrote over the Tony Moly products. I googled a lot but could not find strong evidence that they do no to it. On some sites its said that they do not but they do not stand on the cruelty-free lists you find on the internet . . so I am not sure what I should think about it :/

I ordered all items from the same seller via ebay. I had no problem at all, it came even quicker as the estimated shipping date!
~ Magic Food Banana Hand Milk: *click*
~ Cats Wink Clear Pact in #1 Clear Skin: *click
~ New Pocket Bunny Perfume Bar in #3 Volume Bunny: *click*
~ Petite Bunny Gloss Bars in #4 Cherry and #5 Peach: *click*
~ Mini Berry Lip Balm in Blueberry : *click*
~ a lot of samples of BB Creams, face masks and creams

So I start with the Banana Hand Milk which was one of my main reasons to order stuff from Tony Moly. The shape just caught my eye and I suddenly needed it in my life xD The lid of the banana tank is sadly not squishy as the rest but that is just something I would like to have ^^
The cream itself if white and smells really heavy like banana. I like it but my sister hated it so it is up to you. It really smoothens the skin but I need to put it on twice because my hands feel dry after the first apply.
I already had this powder 2 years ago and I was so happy with it! It is harsh for me to find a light coloured powder so I was glad to get this one.
It looks so cute with its packaging, the looming paw in the powder  and the pad with its rosa flap. It comes in 2 shades, I got the lighter one.
Next up is the Pocket Bunny Perfume Bar! There are 3 different to choose from and I got the #3 Volume Bunny with a floral scent. In my opinion it smells really elegant and I like it but I guess I am not used to perfume bars. It says you should apply it to the neck and the wrists. Well, it is not sticky or something but I do not like to get it in my hair so the neck is not an option. Sometimes I apply it on my wrists but the scent does not last really long.
These 2 cuties are the Petite Bunny Gloss Bars in #5 Peach and #4 Cherry. The taste of them is really smooth, enjoyable and not too harsh.
They leave a glossy texture on your lips and slightly add some colour. I wear them on a daily basis and I would definitely buy more of them :D
This Mini Berry Lip Balm comes in 2 different flavours: Blueberry and Cherry. Obviously I got the blueberry and its taste is enjoyable and light as the Gloss Bars. It does not add colour to the lips even though it comes off really pinkish when you whipe it off. It makes them really soft and healthy but I do not like applying it with my fingers.
I give 4 of 5 stars because I am not sure about the Perfume Bar and the Mini Berry Lip Balm. I guess I will stay with the 'regular' lip balms.

Prize & Shipping:
The prize was okay and the shipping was free. As I mentioned before it should be delivered in the beginning of June but I got it already in the beginning of May (I ordered on the 23rd of April).
I love they send those loads of samples from Tony Moly itself but also include different brands like Skinfood too.
14 of 15 stars - I am pretty happy with the majority of my purchases. I would not buy the Perfume Bar again. Even though it is so cute it makes no sense to me to wear it  when the scent is not long durable. Here I will revert to my spray perfumes I use.

All in all I will buy more of Tony Moly in the future but I hope it comes out if they do animal testing with or not! If they do of course I will stop buying them.
I hope my review was useful for you!
Dou you use Tony Moly products?
Are you satisfied with them?



  1. die bananen-handcreme steht auch schon lange auf meiner liste :D
    ich habe auch schon einige tony moly produkte benutzt. z.b. einen roten bunny lippenstift (wie deine zwei), allerdings hält die farbe nicht lang. dafür ist sie auch nicht zu aufdringlich. von der panda-serie hatte ich einen augen stick, der angenehmn gekühlt hat.
    bei tony moly bin ich auch unsicher, was tierversuche angeht. habe damals auch recherchiert und nichts, was für tierversuche spricht, gefunden.

    1. Wenn du auf Banane stehst, kauf sie dir :D
      Die Pandaserie hab ich noch gar nicht gesehen, klingt aber interessant!
      Ja, dass man nichts erfährt darüber macht mich schon etwas unsicher o.o

  2. Great, I love it! Enjoy the week honey!

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  3. I love those lipglosses, not only are they a nice product but everyone notices that they are cute when you use them in public too lol.

    { sparklesideup.com }

  4. Ich wollte mir immer diverese Produkte von Tony Moly bestellen, aber irgendwie haltet mich immer etwas davon ab D:

    Aber jetzt hast du den abschließenden Anreiz gegeben XD