10 Mai 2015

Tutorial: Cherry Hair Clips

Hello lovelies, 

as announced in my last post here is the quick Tutorial on how to make lovely cherry clips for your hair or anywhere else. You can also put a brooch needle instead of the hairclip so you also can make a cute cherry brooch :)
So what do you need for those cherry clips?

~ glue gun
~ variation of ribbons
~ plastic cherries ( I found mine on amazon)
~ hairclips
~ plastic leaves
~ scissors
All in all it is not that complicated: First I glue the leaves onto the clip to hide it well. Then I tie a bow with the ribbon I want there to be:
Then you decide the right size of the bow and the length of both ribbon ends. My plastic cherries were on some sides squished from the shipping so I had to think about which sides I want to show and which ones I should hide.
So I placed a blob of glue on the dried leaves and positioned the cherries. When I was satisfied with it I put more glue on the stipes of the cherries and placed the bow:
Tadaaa! This is the finished hairclip! I used different ribbons to have more clips to match my styles ^.^
For exapmle the black lace one would match some kind of gothy style and the chrocheted lace is definitely for Mori Kei and natural styles. All in all I can use them to nearly every J-fashion outfit :)

Pretty, easy and versatile, right?
The perfect accessory for me :D
Show me your creations or leave me a link to your pics or your blog in the comments! I love to see them!