27 April 2015

#FCVIE: Goodie Bag

Hello lovelies, 

now onto the lovely goodie bag every participant got at the FashionCamp Vienna last weekend! The bag was really heavy! Please excuse the upside down picture but Blogger is against this one xD I turned it on so many programs around but here it is always wrong T_T
I love that we got a lot of useful or thoughtful stuff:

~ 3 Venus Gilette shavers
~ 'Profil' and a 'woman' magazine
~ thermos cup and a portable recharger from Microsoft
~ Kusmi tea can
~ Sisley Paris sample set
~ washi tape from WohnZin
~ earring from Stylekingdom
~ portable bag hanger from Deichmann
~ pink hugo (not on the pic)
~ book called 'This year will be different' from Monika Kanokova

Apparently I was lucky and I won this book! For example Yaya only had a card from the book in her goodie bag o.o
Everyone got different accessories from Stylekingdom! I got these pearl earrings! I like them because they are not as the typical pearl earrings you can buy everywhere and make it even more special with the second pearl ^.^
According to the fbsite of FCVIE this Sisley Paris Set is worth 100 €uro o.o I just tried the Phyto-Lip Twist in 2 Baby! Even though it is slightly pink I like it as my daily lip wear :)

I really like the stuff we got as I previously said :D

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