07 April 2015

Instagram: February & March

Hello lovelies,

this is my Instagram review of the last gone months February and March! February was quite busy for me: Valentines day, carneval in my school, Traveling to Paris and other school stuff.
The pic above shows my small but growing book bag collection! I had the chance to buy the flowery one and the golden bag through a Canadian Lolita! She acted as a shopping service for me since Aldo in Austria did not have them :)
First I planned to use at least one of them in a outfit for Paris but somehow I knocked it on the head and forgot about them . . 
I spent my Valentines day at my parents and without my bf because he had  university :/ Anyway we caught up this 'special' day at  another weekend together^^
I had some carneval celebrations at the school I am teaching and I went for Hello Kitty :D It is a simple but cute costume I really like!
This was my sickly sweet 'breakfast' at Ladurée! Macarons and hot chocolate :3 More about that day here: *click*
I know I posted this wrong on my Instagram account but this was the lovely view Yaya and I had when we flew to France! Even though it is a mobile phone pic I like the colours and how it turned out ^.^
We also were at the eiffel tower - a typical landmark from France! You can find more about my journey to Paris here: *click*
I found some lovely rise crackers from Rilakkuma in my latest Kawaii Box! They even were bear shaped and I liked their taste^^ My sister did not like it:o
My pretty kitty <3 I was so glad to see her again since it was a month the last time I saw her! I need cats in my life so after some time I yearn to go to my parents to see my cats D:

There would be 2 more pics to add to this post but I do not want to spam you with too long posts so I include them in the next Instagram review :3
March was more relaxing than February and me, Yaya and a friend of us started to plan our holidays in Japan <3
I am soooooo excited I cannot tell you how much xD
What are your plans for the holidays? :D