11 April 2015

British Teatime in Vienna ~♪

Hello lovelies,

lovely Sylvia had the wonderful idea to hold a teaparty at a Café called Little Britain! If you click on the link you see why everyone was so excited having a Meet  up there - ir is so adorable <3
The owner liked us so much she took a pic with us! She said she wants to exchange the pic with one of the hanging ones :3
The food was delicious! I ate a salmon bagel with rucola and had rose lemonade with it:
It was served so cute! 
It really smelled like roses but tasted like 'Almdudler', an Austrian beverage flavored like herbs. I thought it would also taste more like roses but I also liked it like that ^.^
This time there was not a picture of me I really liked so I show you this one of me and Sylvia: Strawberry Princesses :D
JSK, Beret: Rococo Soul // Blouse: Fint // Shoes, Tights: offbrand // Necklace: Lorina Liddell // Brooch: World Treason // Cardigan: H&M
Sylvia took a pic of me while I listened to some conversations :)
This is the lovely embroidery on the back of my beret :3
The brooch is from Hellocon, a convention i visited in Helsinki last year. The necklace is from this year´s la vie en Rose. There is some rosy fluid dripping of the spoon so I interpreted it is strawberry jam :D
I think I did not look that bad even though I had a light hangover, not enough sleep and a full program that day ^^
Normally I prefer darker prints or single-coloured dresses but I like prints where the strawberries are red and not pink and through the blue in the back it looks very classic and vintage:)

I really enjoyed the Meet up in this wonderful atmosphere and hope we make some more there!
How do you like me in blue? :D



  1. You know your dress is perfect for this type of place! :D
    Looks very cute on you, but not too sweet. ;)

    Seems like a really fun place, ecpesially the owner! I like the rose lemonade, we have it in cat cafe and a few other places in Tampere. Have saved one bottle and it acts as a decoration in our kitchen. ^___^

    ~ Frillycakes ~

    1. Somehow it told me to wear it there :D
      Thank you ^-^
      The owner and her Café were awesome <3 I was temptet to take the bottle with me because I like the label of it. I took a pic instead xD

  2. The color of your hair and your outfit go so good together! And rose-flavored food/drinks are so nice. I've only had a rose smoothie before, but oh my goshhh it was so good!


    1. Aww thank you <3
      I also like them pretty much even though I only had rose lemonade and a rose petal macaron ^-^

  3. So süß die Kleider! Ich habe vor Kurzem angefangen zu nähen und finde die "außergewöhnlichen" Muster total inspirierend!